Ametek Land

Non-contact infrared temperature detectors and imagers

Badger Meter

Flow meters

Bliss Anand

Magnetic level gauges

HAWK Measurement

Ultrasonic continuous level & level switches


Fixed gas detection and flame monitoring for safety

M-System Co., Ltd.

Remote I/O, RTU, electronic valve actuators, signal conditioners, lightning surge arrestors and tower lights


Temperature and pressure instrumentation, RTD’s & TC’s, and diaphragm seals


Nuclear non-intrusive density and level measurement


Industrial moisture measurement and control

Thermal Instrument Co.

Mass flow of gas, air, natural gas & CO2

United Electric Contols

Pressure / temperature switches and transmitters; RTD’s & TC’s


Stocking distributor for pressure / temperature – transmitters, volumetric / mass – flow meters, liquid / gas-analytics, DCS, data acquisitions, wireless I/O

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