Food & Beverage

The Food and Beverage industry has no shortage of challenges today. Manufacturers must produce safe, high-quality foods and beverages that consumers expect, while working to cope with infectious diseases and labor saving. This must be balanced with maximizing profits, optimizing production, and increasing reliability. And of course, all while complying with industry regulations.

Yokogawa’s innovative solutions across the many applications in the food and beverage industry enable our customers to meet increasingly complex market demands.


Global and local demand for dairy products continue to grow. To remain competitive in this demanding marketplace, dairy production facilities are required to navigate many challenges. From meeting global hygienic and sanitary standards to controlling cost by reducing waste, optimizing production, and reducing downtime, Dairy facilities must balance multiple elements to maintain profitability. All this, while achieving high-quality food and beverage products.

Yokogawa knows the producing high-quality foods and beverages starts with high-quality instrumentation.

Food and Beverage Applications

Yokogawa instruments and solutions can already be found in many food and beverage operations across the globe. 

Our experts have helped thousands of facilities transition from legacy devices to faster, smarter, and more efficient instruments. Explore some of the examples below or contact us to ask us how can help you transform your specific operation.

• Liquid Analytical Solutions
SENCOM 4.0 provides an integrated “hot swap” and “plug and play” functions to significantly decrease downtime in pH and conductivity measurements.

• Reverse Osmosis
Selecting the proper electrodes and holder for water pre-treatment and purification will eliminate problems with reference junction potentials, slow glass electrode response, and surface static charges.

• Refining Sugar
In order to provide consistent measurements, pH sensors must stand up to severe process conditions during the sugar refining process. Click the resource links below to see how Yokogawa’s devices last longer and perform better.

• Liquid Tanker Measurements
Looking for quick and accurate tanker measurements? Click the resource links below to see how a Coriolis flowmeter can optimize the process of incoming raw milk at each tanker bay.

• Animal Feed Mills
Click the resource links below to see how an animal feed mill efficiently and accurately measures the mass of oil, the volume of water, and checks the concentration of that mixture with Yokogawa flowmeters.

Latest Hygienic & Sanitary Pressure Transmitters

The food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries must maintain a high degree of flexibility to meet shifting market demands, while at the same time retaining the highest level of product quality and regulatory compliance.

Yokogawa’s line of hygienic & sanitary transmitters has been engineered to provide the performance and certifications for these growing and dynamic industries. Click the resource links below to discover the ideal transmitters for pressure and level.


Hygienic and Sanitary Solutions: EJA565E/EJA564E Pressure and Level Transmitters

The ideal blend of performance and compliance for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and other life sciences applications. Click the resource links below to learn more or contact us today.