TRIVACO Adds Expanded Territory for FGS

TRIVACO and NOV Fiber Glass Systems Territory Expansion

Why Choose TRIVACO?

  • Stocking Inventory 
  • Trained and knowledgeable support staff
  • 24/7 response
  • Prefabrication Services
  • Experienced Site Crews Installers
Expanded Capabilities With Our TFS Services

ASME B31.3 Certified Bonders of FGS Piping Systems

  • All disciplines including Socket, Matched Tapered Bell & Spigot, Butt & Wrap & T-Miters
  • Pipe spools up to 60” in diameter holding .125” tolerances
  • Special Fittings Fabrications

TRIVACO Industrial Coatings

  • Certified Applicators
  • Tanks, Tankers, Containment Dykes, Floors…etc.

FRP Structures

  • Platforms
  • Stairways
  • Hand Rail Systems




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Toll Free: 800.500.8889
Local Call: 859.525.9890
Fax Number: 859.525.9891
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Please note: Due to the terms of contract agreements with certain manufacturers, not all products are available in all geographic areas or markets. For additional information on any of TRIVACO's products or services please contact your local representative or call 800.500.8889.

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