Lightning Master Corporation and TRIVACO Join Forces

Lightning Master® and TRIVACO join together to form a mutually beneficial strategic alliance focusing on growth in the Mid-Western States. Lightning Master Corporation, located in Clearwater, FL is the global leader in lightning, static solutions and consulting services for multiple industries around the world. TRIVACO, headquartered in Hebron, KY, is a regional specialty valve, instrumentation and equipment supplier utilizing state-of-the-art technology to offer their customers quality products, customized solutions and diversified services.

Both corporations are enthusiastic that this partnership will enhance both business models and offer their customers a diversified portfolio of solutions. Lightning Master® and TRIVACO are both innovative companies committed to customer service and finding solutions for their clientele. Both have significant resources, information and capabilities to achieve expansion in this region. This alliance will further enhance both companies’ dedication and investment in delivering reliability, accuracy and performance, geared to customer specific needs.


Established in 1984, Lightning Master® is a global, full service, static solutions, lightning and surge protection manufacturing company. Lightning Masters serves a wide range of customers including oil, gas, chemical and other industrial facilities. Their complete line of products, systems and consulting services are backed by their worldwide customer service. Lightning Masters track record of success in the Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East has established LMC as a global authority on lightning and static protection


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Please note: Due to the terms of contract agreements with certain manufacturers, not all products are available in all geographic areas or markets. For additional information on any of TRIVACO's products or services please contact your local representative or call 800.500.8889.

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