Worldwide Oilfield Machine (WOM) is a globally recognized company, with over 30 years in the oil & gas industry. WOM is the maker of the world’s only dual-seal ball valve to the pipeline, petrochemical and process industries.

The WOM dual-seal ball valve is an exclusive design that offers a cost effective alternative that can outperform a through conduit gate valve in pipeline applications. The dual-seal design of the valve means that if the primary seal is damaged, pressure will force the secondary seal against the ball to create a positive upstream seal.

Dual-seal ball valve features include:

  • Three piece valve design for maximum versatility
  • Four individual stem seals
  • Passed fugitive emissions standards
  • Size options 2” thru 36” available in all standard ANSI pressure classes
  • Body retention of stem adds safety and reliability
  • Split trunnion design eliminates body penetrations
  • Maintenance-free stem packing

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