Valvtechnologies is a leading manufacturing of metal seated ball valves used in the power industry. The engineers and designers at Valvtechnologies have high pressure metal seated ball valves that meet these demands.

The V1 Series’ proven seat design provides improved performance, far beyond the capability of conventional seats with wear-prone, corrosion-prone crevices. They are engineered to eliminate leak paths, maximize smooth flows and (when called for) make maintenance and repair easier, these units’ enhanced rotary design and construction also deliver the extra safety margin so crucial to maintaining productivity.

ValvTechnologies Metal Seated Ball Valves Features and benefits:

  • Proven sealing under operating conditions up to 1400˚F (760˚C)
  • Long service life reduces maintenance in difficult-to-access areas
  • Sizes ranging from 1/4 to 4 inches available for varying requirements
  • Available in ASME/ANSI pressure classes 900 to 4500
  • Integral metal downstream seat eliminates seat leak paths

Trunnion mounted ValvTechnologies metal seated ball valves offer enhanced safety and usability, as well as advanced design features including a high-performance integral seat design in lower-torque, bi-directional valves. Our trunnion ball valves provide very high flow rates for maximized productivity, along with valve operation, even when solids or other contaminants are present. Additional benefits include reliable operation with industrial-grade packing assembly and full isolation, even in corrosive conditions.

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