REXA Actuators combine hydraulic, electronic and mechanical technologies to achieve their design. REXA’s Electraulic™ Actuation is based on their patented Flow Match System, resulting in the smooth motion, exact placing and immediate response.

REXA has the solution all power industries need stability and precision to allow operating at peak performance. The self-contained electro-hydraulic actuators improve control and prolong the life of severe service trims from feed-water control, recirculation and throughout the steam system. REXA offers configurations for valves, dampers and as well as turbine control applications.

REXA’s state-of-the-art actuator design combines hydraulic, electronic and mechanical technologies. At the heart of our Electraulic™ Actuation is the patented Flow Match System that controls internal pressure independent of the magnitude and direction of the applied load. This creates a smooth motion, exact positioning and instantaneous response for your REXA actuator. Actuators are available in Linear, Rotary and Drive configuration. The Xpac can fulfill virtually any positioning application, with product features of versatility, custom mounting and digital calibration.

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