ATI customizes valve automation solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs. Almost 20 years ago, our story began with proprietary technology in customizing linear actuators. Those signature series actuators helped ATI build a strong reputation in the flow control industry. Paying attention to engineering specs became our core competency.  Since that time, ATI has expanded our customization to include automation solutions when power is not readily available, controls for fast speeds, modulations or special conditions, and actuators for the pipeline industry. 

We do not offer pre-engineered solutions and you will not find ATI finished parts on the shelf. Only when the customer tells us what is needed do we begin to engineer a solution based on the valve specifications. Once power systems and controls are determined, manufacturing can begin. This is the key to true customization. 

 ATI is a fully integrated US manufacturing company, starting with raw steel and finishing with a completely customized valve automation solution.  We continue to extend our global presence so that flow control industries in emerging markets and developing infrastructure can benefit from our proven customized solutions.  From an LNG project in Western Australia to a major energy company in South Africa to a mining operation in South America, ATI customized solutions are in place all over the world.

Areas of expertise:

Valve Actuators

Our piston actuators are used on all types of rising stem valves including gate valves, globe valves, and rising stem ball valves. We offer both pneumatic actuators and hydraulic actuators in spring return and double acting varieties depending on the failure mode specified.

We also offer quarter-turn, multi-turn and gas-over-oil actuators specifically used in pipeline applications.

Power Systems

Every actuator needs power, air or hydraulic fluid pressure, electrical, solar, etc. With ATI’s products, you will never be restricted by your available power source. We accommodate all power sources.

ATI offers a full line of power systems. For example, if your plant only has electric power available, we can convert it to hydraulic or pneumatic power to operate any actuators. We also simplify the power in order to provide a more cost effective solution for you.

Control Systems

ATI encounters a broad array of applications. For example, our customer might ask us to design a pipeline actuation package that requires emergency shutdown capability. Or we may have to design a system that senses pressure and causes a solenoid valve to trip. In either case, ATI engineers go to work designing a system to accomplish the correct controls scenario. The strength of the ATI Design Team is its ability to analyze a customer specification and design a custom system that meets the code in the most cost-effective manner.

ATI offers a full line of control products using commonly available components and proprietary products to provide a cost effective and easily maintained systems to solve the most complex control requirements.Leading control valve manufacturers rely on ATI control systems for precise positioning in critical applications.

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